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Tuma (finnish word for Nucleus) computing server is meant for an interactive computing workloads. In addition to the traditional SSH terminal access the server provides graphical desktop environment that can be used with the Remote Desktop Connection Protocol.

Server address:

System specs

  • CPU: 2x AMD EPYC 7302 / 64 threads
  • RAM: 1024 GB
  • OS: Rocky Linux 8


Server is connected to the storage space provided by the UEF IT Services for Research. More information can be found from the dedicated page.

Available reference data set

All the available reference data sets are provided as-is. They are unmodified copies of the original files.



Following reference genomes can be found from the /apps/genomes/iGenomes folder.

Home sapiens Version
GRCh37 Ensembl
GRCh38Decoy NCBI
hg19 UCSC
hg39 UCSC
Mus musculus Version
mm9 UCSC
mm10 UCSC
Rattus norvegicus Version
rn4 UCSC



Following variants can be found from the /research/groups/bioinformaticians/gnomAD-hg19-r2.1.1 folder.

Data set Version
Exome variants (.vcf.bgz, tbi) gnomAD 2.1.1 / hg19
Exome calling regions (.interval list) gnomAD 2.1.1 / hg19
Genome variants (.vcf.bgz, tbi) gnomAD 2.1.1 / hg19
Genome calling regions (.interval list) gnomAD 2.1.1 / hg19
Structural variants (.vcf.gz, tbi) gnomAD 2.1.1 / hg19


System provides various graphical and terminal applications for the researchers.

Additionally to browser, office-suite and text editors the following graphical applications are available:

Graphical Applications Version
RStudio 3.6.3
RStudio 4.1.0
Other Applications Version Address
Rstudio-Server 4.1.0
Singularity Container

To see the list of terminal application visit the available applications web page.

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