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Research Storage Space

  • Description: New storage space provided for researchers by the UEF It Services
  • Cost: Free
  • Technology: CIFS and NFS protocol (NFSv4 with kerberos)
  • Hardware: Dell EMC Isilon
Home DirectoryWork DirectoryGroup Directory
Size50 GB2000 GB5000+ GB

How to apply

Researcher needs to apply for the research storage by registering as a researcher. Application can be found from the e-services portal.

Students cannot fill application for themselves. In this cases supervisor will make an application for them directly via

How to use storage

After your application has been processed and you are granted an access to the research storage then are apply to connect storage directly with your operating system file management tools.

With Windows

Open File Explorer and enter to address bar: \\research

User can map network share to the local computer for easy access

With Macintosh

     Go -> Connect to Server...

   Server Address: smb://research

With Linux Computing Node

   Storage is connected under /research

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am getting strange permission denied errors, what I am doing wrong?

New storage space uses kerberos authentication for file access. This is much more secure method than verifying user access locally at server but this also mean few changes.
  a) User does not get kerberos ticket with SSH keypair. User must login once a week with a password
  b) If user has not logged in a 10 days the user loses temporarily access to file system.
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