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Setting up SSH-gateway

UEF SSH Gateway server can be used to connect various servers that are located within the university network. Authentication is done with the UEF credentials. Replace the <backend server> with your target server address and replace <uef-account> with your university account.

NOTE: To get access to SSH-gateway server send access request by email to

SSH-Connection Command
Localpcssh <uefad>
sshgwssh <backend server>
or with the one command
Localpcssh -t <uefad> ssh <backend server>
Localpc with X11 Forwardingssh -X -t <uef-account> ssh -X <backend server>

You can automate this all by creating local configuration file for the ssh ($HOME/.ssh/config) with following content. If you wish to forward X11 applications add “ForwardX11” option as well.

# content for the $HOME/.ssh/config file
Host <backend server>
    ForwardX11 yes
    ProxyCommand    ssh -W %h:%p <uef-account>

After you have created the configuration file you can directly connect to the <backend server>

SSH-Connection Command
Connectssh <uef-account>@<backend server>
Download a filescp <uef-account>@<backend server>:/path/to/file local/file/system
Upload a directoryscp -r local/directory <uef-account>@<backend server>:/path/to/destination
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