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Acknowledge or cite

It is important that Bioinformatics Center is acknowledged for any of its services (computing infrastructures or expert services) in the publications where it had a role. Below are the instructions on how to properly acknowledge the Bioinformatics Center or any of its personnel and why you should do it.

Why to acknowledge

A proper acknowledgment provides a visible measure of the impact of Bioinformatics Center on research and secures development of the infrastructure. Also, Bioinformatics Center personnel are scientists. When they make a substantial intellectual contribution to a publication they deserve to be acknowledged just as any other co-author. It also helps the personnel to advance in their careers.

When to acknowledge

Any time Bioinformatics Center provides services that support your research. When a staff member of Bioinformatics Center has made a significant intellectual contribution beyond a routine analysis, please consider co-authorship as well.

Where to acknowledge

Papers, posters, presentations, all scholarly publications.

How to acknowledge

If the participation of the personnel is not significant enough to warrant a co-authorship, mentioning in the Acknowledgements section of the manuscript is sufficient. Also remember to mention Bioinformatic Center if your work took advantage of any of the computing infrastructure provided by Bioinformatics Center. Please make sure that the Bioinformatics Center is always mentioned correctly.

For example:

  • This work/Part of the work was carried out with the support of UEF Bioinformatics Center, University of Eastern Finland, Finland.
  • The computational analyzes were performed on servers provided by UEF Bioinformatics Center, University of Eastern Finland, Finland.
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