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Bioinformatics Center

Bioinformatics Center at University of Eastern Finland provides bioinformatics related expertise and infrastructure services. This wiki provides information and user guides about different services.

The official website of Bioinformatics Center is at UEF Bioinformatics Center

Available Infrastructures

Bioinformatics Center provides expertise in bioinformatics, data-analysis and data management. We manage high-end computational servers that enable us to provide a wide range of computational services through server virtualization. We have dedicated virtual servers for data management, high-performance scientific computing, web-hosting and software tools used in research and education.

Researchers and students can requests access to the server environment at Apply for Server Access.

For our existing users, we provide more information about the infrastructure and services: Infrastructure and Services

Training and teaching

Bioinformatics Center provides and helps with training and teaching at UEF. More information about courses and other teaching related issues at: Teaching

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