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Installing the UEF printer in Linux

NOTE: Alternatively, you can print by sending an email to from your UEF account with the attached PDF file.

Go to Printers, Add printer, Find Network Printer, write and Search. It will ask your username and password. Remember to write UEFAD as domain.

Choose the printer


and click on Forward.

Now you need to install the drivers, and you will have to choose the printer. Our printer is Canon ImageRunner C5235i, but at the time of writing this entry it is not listed. In that case you can choose Canon ImageRunner C5185i.

Make sure you have the following packages installed: smbclient, cifs-utils.

Finally, go to /etc/samba/smb.conf and make sure you have these lines [ref]:

   map to guest = bad user 
########## Printing ########## 
   load printers = yes 
   printing = cups 
   printcap name = cups 
   use client driver = yes 

   comment = All Printers 
   browseable = no 
   path = /var/spool/samba 
   printable = yes 
   public = yes 
   guest ok = yes 
   read only = yes 
   create mask = 0700 


Also make sure the workgroup is UEFAD

Finally, restart the cups service: sudo service cups stop, sudo service cups start

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