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TAFFEL: Independent Enrichment Analysis of gene sets

A major challenge in genomic research is identifying significant processes and generating new hypotheses from large gene sets. TAFFEL implements a novel method called Independent Enrichment Analysis (IEA) and eases the task by clustering genes to subgroups using Gene Ontology categories and transcription regulators. IEA indicates transcriptional regulators putatively controlling biological functions in studied condition and reveals relevant themes not reported by existing methods.

TAFFEL itself is an user friendly web-based software tool that implements IEA method and enables easily interpreted visualizations of results.

TAFFEL can be used to analyze gene lists in order to find separate gene subgroups that are coregulated by the same transcription factors or carry out the same biological function, and perform comparison of correlation between co-regulation and co-function with these gene subsets.

Launch Taffel

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Taffel uses Java Web Start technology, meaning that the latest available version of the application can be installed and deployed automatically by clicking the above launch icon. If Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not detected on your system, you will receive a warning and a link to the latest JRE.

During the launch when you are asked if Taffel should be given permission rights of a normal application, please select "yes".

Citing TAFFEL:

TAFFEL: Independent Enrichment Analysis of gene sets
Mitja I Kurki, Jussi Paananen, Markus Storvik, Seppo Yla-Herttuala, Juha E Jaaskelainen, Mikael von und zu Fraunberg, Garry Wong, Petri Pehkonen
BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12:171 (19 May 2011)

Link to original paper: