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 # Contact information # Contact information
-Bioinformatics Center can be contacted by email 
-### Personnel+Preferred method to contact UEF Bioinformatics Center is by email [](mailto:​ However, please use the service request form ([[https://​​lomakkeet/​25528/​lomake.html|Service Request Form]]) if you want to request of suggest new data analysis, consulting or training services from the UEF Bioinformatics Center.
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​teemu.kuulasmaa/​|Teemu Kuulasmaa]],​ Research manager +Any kind of feedback is welcome to improve ​Bioinformatics ​Center services! 
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​merja.heinaniemi/​|Merja Heinäniemi]],​ Docent in Bioinformatics +
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​wilhelmiina.hamalainen/​|Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen]],​Research Manager +## Web sites
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​juha.kekalainen/​|Juha Kekäläinen]],​ IT administration+
-### Main experts+* [[https://​​en/​group/​bioinformatics-center/​|Bioinformatics Center at UEF Connect service]] 
 +* [[https://​​en/​web/​biomedicine/​bioinformatiikkakeskus|Bioinformatics Center at Institute of Biomedicine]] 
 +## Forms 
 +* [[https://​​lomakkeet/​25528/​lomake.html|Service Request Form]] 
 +* [[https://​​lomakkeet/​22423/​lomake.html|Apply for Server Access]] 
 +## Personnel 
 +* [[https://​​en/​person/​teemu.kuulasmaa/​|Teemu Kuulasmaa]],​ Research manager 
 +* [[https://​​en/​person/​juha.kekalainen/​|Juha Kekäläinen]],​ IT administrator 
 +* [[https://​​en/​person/​merja.heinaniemi/​|Merja Heinäniemi]],​ Docent in Bioinformatics (Chairman of the Steering Group)
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​vittorio.fortino/​|Vittorio Fortino]], Assistant Professor 
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​sami.heikkinen/​|Sami Heikkinen]],​ Associate Professor 
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​einari.niskanen/​|Einari Niskanen]], Senior Researcher 
-* [[https://​​en/​person/​jussi.tohka/​|Jussi Tohka]], Assistant Professor 
-### Visiting address+## Visiting address
 University of Eastern Finland \\  University of Eastern Finland \\ 
 +Bioinformatics Center / Institute of Biomedicine \\ 
 Snellmania building, 3rd floor \\  Snellmania building, 3rd floor \\ 
 Yliopistonranta 1 \\  Yliopistonranta 1 \\ 
 70210 Kuopio, Finland \\  70210 Kuopio, Finland \\ 
-### Postal Address+## Postal Address
 University of Eastern Finland \\  University of Eastern Finland \\ 
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